Last updated: October 16 2018 09:37:02

Voltage Drop

Calculate Line Drop on Wire from Load

The higher the current drawn through a wire, the greater the voltage drop. Larger wire size (diameter), measured as “American wire gauge” (AWG) the lower the voltage drop. Larger wire size offers less resistance to current for the load (watts) on the circuit. It is important to size wires according to voltage and load to minimize and control voltage drop. The path of least resistance is larger wire size.
Calculate Voltage Drop A larger diameter wire size results in less voltage drop. #10 AWG is larger diameter than #14 AWG.

Enter Volts

Total Watts – sum the wattages of every lamp along the cable length.
Enter Total Watts

One-way circuit length in feet. If you bought 100 feet of landscape lights wire and have 10 feet left over. Enter 90 feet.
Enter Cable Length in feet